Wedding planning

It’s been quite a while since my last post, so I will do my best to recap for everyone.

I am currently helping plan a wedding for two very dear friends of mine, Nikki & James, which will be in June. At the same time, I am helping plan my brother and his fiancée’s wedding for July.

Nikki and James did not assign me with a lot of responsibility for the actual planning, though they have asked me to get some information for them, most of what they want from me is my organization and determination day of.  The day these two decided to hire me, James wrote me an email telling me specifically what he wanted/needed from a wedding planner and I want to share exactly how he worded this:

“What we NEED, and what I have been looking around Raleigh for more than anything, is for someone that’s going to come in day-of and kick ass.”

This is amazing. What a wonderful husband he will be! There were obviously a ton more details, but I think that sentence gives you all you need to know to understand the general feel of the email.

Thus far, I haven’t done much more than meet with Nikki (the bride) on a monthly basis to find out where she is with everything. I am keeping her on track and reminding her of all the small details so many stressed out brides tend to forget.

On the other hand, planning my brother’s wedding has not been quite as easy. I am learning that it can be extremely hard to work with people who have not defined what their budget is, or that do not have a huge budget to work with. Weddings can get expensive very quickly, and knowing what you are able to safely spend is an extremely important factor in the planning process. Making lists can help a great deal with this process.

As soon as you know you are going to be getting married, you should make your first list! (After you freak out, call your friends & family, and post pics of that rock on Facebook that is.) This list should contain anything and EVERYTHING! It may seem silly now, and possibly hard, but it is definitely worth it. This will give you a better view of everything you have on your plate. Making a list can also help you to prioritize. You can note what all your big ticket items will be, and what the deadlines are for their deposits, and all of a sudden budgeting for these things just got easier. Once you have figured out what the total amount of cash is that you are saving for, you can divide that number by the amount of weeks you have until your wedding. That will tell you how much you should be saving on a weekly basis to get to that big number.

I suggest getting some kind of savings account for yourself, and setting up an automatic transfer to that account on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  I personally have a small amount transferred from my checking account to my savings account every other week, in order to force myself to save. I have this set up so that the amount only transfers every pay day, and I don’t even notice those funds have moved.

Happy List making!!


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