Vendor responses – How long should I wait?

It’s been an incredibly long time since I contributed to the blog and for that I am very sorry. I’ve been spending my time working with a few new brides, as well as finally planning my wedding so I have a ton to talk about! I am nine months out from my wedding at this point so the planning process has really begun. Since I started contacting vendors for myself, I’ve been experiencing first hand what brides go through in their process of interviewing and hiring vendors. I’ve obviously played the phone/email tag game with vendors in the past while working events, but I had no idea how much emotion I could possibly invest when it came to hearing back from vendors while planning my wedding.

The most important vendors to look for and book at the beginning of the wedding planning process are the photographer, the ceremony and reception venue, the caterer (if it isn’t included with the venue), the florist, and a wedding coordinator (if you’re hiring one, AND YOU SHOULD!). Researching, interviewing, and booking vendors early is beneficial for multiple reasons, but what happens if the vendor stops responding? How long should you wait for a response before you say something nasty or eventually move on to a find another vendor?

After reading a few different discussion boards and blog posts the general consensus seems to be that a vendor should respond to an inquiry or request from a paying client within at least 24-48 hours. Even if the vendor is too busy to give it a long thoughtful response or doesn’t have time to respond to every question, they should at least respond with a short message saying they will get back to you in more detail at a later time.

In November I contacted a florist that I had heard good things about from another vendor and requested a quote and chance to meet them. I immediately heard back with a canned response and a request that I fill out a survey about my needs for my wedding. It took me at least a few days to respond, this was a fairly long survey, but I finally sent it back asking for a specific day and time to come by the shop and talk. I never heard back after that. Rather than write a nasty email about how clearly they did not want my money, I decided to pursue other options.

Now I understand why so many brides are using sites like and to find vendors and let the vendors come to them. By the way, if you are planning your wedding and you haven’t checked out these websites, at least give them a peek.

I hate to leave you all with such a serious post lacking images as my first post of the year, but this has been a hot topic on my mind lately. How long would you wait to hear back from a vendor? Am I being unreasonable in thinking 24 hours is reasonable? Leave me your feedback in the comments section. I am curious to know what you think!

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