Picking Your Colors

When deciding on what colors to use in your wedding there are many factors you will want to consider.  If you are planning on having a visually pleasant wedding, which I am sure you are, you shouldn’t just pick colors at random. Put a little thought into it and you may be surprised by how beautiful the results are.

  • Figure out what colors flatter you and your significant other the most. This is YOUR day and you are going to be the most beautiful person there, so you should obviously pick colors that look good on you and around you.
  • Pick colors that look good with your venue. You don’t want to pick colors that are going to clash with your ceremony or reception site and be an eyesore later on in pictures.
  • If it’s an outdoor wedding match the colors to the season with the types of flowers, plants and trees that are in bloom during that season.
  • Consider your floral arrangements. To save money on flowers you’ll to want to choose ones that are in season of course. If you pick uncommon colors you may have a hard time finding the right flowers.
  • Consider what will look good on your wedding party. While this is YOUR big day, you still want the people surrounding you in photos to look good! Be kind to your bridesmaids, they will thank you for it later.
  • Use paint swatches to help you! Go to your local hardware store and snag as many variations of the colors you think you want. This will help you later on when you’re trying to find stores that carry your colors. It can also be helpful to your wedding party to give them the swatches of the colors you chose.

All in all, picking your colors should be fun and not stressful! If you are having a really hard time deciding, ask for help from your MOH. She should be more than willing to assist 😉

Fall Intern – Fingers Crossed

It has been a little over 3 months since I got engaged; Both weddings I had previously been working on have come and gone, and now it’s August and there are two more weeks left before I start my Fall semester of school. I find myself constantly baffled with how quickly time appears to move. I am both excited and nervous about the beginning of classes, and even more excited and nervous about some other potential news I should receive at some point this month.

I was browsing the pages of Twitter the other day looking at new followers, and skimming the wedding industry sites, when I noticed a local company of wedding planners had tweeted that they were on the hunt for a fall intern. The idea of it seemed so exciting and excellent to me that I immediately visited their webpage, and emailed them to inquire about the position. Luckily, I did not have to wait long for a response with details. The position will be un-paid and run from September through November. It’d require some office work during the week and helping out with weddings on Saturdays.

I mulled it over in my brain for about a week before I made any real definite decisions. I am taking three classes this semester, rather than my usual two, in hopes of speeding up the process. Between those being three nights a week for 3 hours and working full-time, it almost didn’t seem feasible that I could juggle this internship as well. The decision I finally came to was to just apply. It can’t hurt to try, right? A few hours spent buffing up my resume and putting together an eloquently, hopefully, worded cover page and off they went.

I have yet to hear back from anyone, but I am guessing they will probably continue to take applications for most of August since the internship doesn’t start ’til next month. BUT, I am wishing and hoping( and thinking and praying) that I at least get the chance to interview. This position would help me immensely in getting some good experience to plan weddings and I would absolutely love to have three months of an intern position with great local wedding planners on my resume.

In the meantime, I will be preparing myself to attend the Fall Southern Bridal Show Expo coming up next weekend. Any future brides want to join?

Hing A Kur

Wedding Photography

I recently uploaded a photo to the header of my blog and wanted to make sure I gave credit where credit was due. I snagged the shot from an album of photos from my friend Meghan’s wedding. The photo was taken by her wedding photographer Hing Kur.

This photographer was amazing! He was polite, patient, and an absolute gentleman. I can honestly say that he did a superb job all around. He did a great job of getting beautiful and unique shots, but still allowed family and friends to take shots of their own. I have seen some photographers who deliberately got in the way of other wedding guests and their photos, and this angered me beyond belief. I completely understand needing to make a living, and wanting to take the best shots possible, but I think a good photographer should know that a lot of people just want some pictures of their own.

I’d like to show you a few shots taken at this wedding. The photos are absolutely breathtaking, and the colors Meghan chose were really beautiful and complimentary to the scenery. I’m going to tell you a little about the wedding and location as well, mostly because I’m partial to my home state of Vermont, but also because it was truly a beautiful wedding.

Echo Lake Inn

The wedding was held June 4th 2011, at the Echo Lake Inn in Ludlow, Vermont. The weather was perfect, 70 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky and just the right amount of breeze.


The photographer stole the Bride and Groom shortly after toasts were made and food was eaten. He got some great photos of some very intimate moments.

My favorite shot!

This one here of them kissing on the edge of the road is my absolute favorite!! I love the angle of it because it feels like we’re getting to peek in on a private moment that we may otherwise not have seen.

Beach Themed centerpieces

This last shot is just some of the centerpieces. I loved the sea green /aquamarine accents!!

Check out some of Hing Kur’s work and book him for your Vermont wedding!