Cody & Danielle – March 21st, 2015

I’ve been dying to tell you all about my March, 21st wedding and three months later, I’m FINALLY getting to it. Here goes nothing!

I met Danielle & Cody in July of 2014 just after they got engaged. They had recently recruited my fiance, Ryan Steffes of Mister Guy Photography, to be their photographer. After hearing about all their fun ideas and exciting plans, Ryan¬†encouraged them to reach out to me for some guidance in executing their ideas. Boy, am I glad he did. This was hands down one of the most fun weddings that I’ve had the absolute pleasure to both plan and coordinate! Continue reading


Pepper as a PuppyHappy Friday, everyone! Today I will be taking a break from our usual programming, to do some shameless self promotion. I recently registered myself for a K9-3K with the Wake County SPCA and I’m very excited about it!! Not only am I an advocate for this charity; I will be walking my dog, Pepper in the 3k. But I am also helping to raise funds for this very great cause with my own personal sponsor page. My goal is to raise $250 to help find homes for these animals and since it is a pretty small goal, I think it’s totally attainable! Of course I will need some help.

I did not adopt my dogs from the SPCA, but I did adopt them from a friend with a litter of dogs who needed homes. Therefore, finding homes for other dogs is a cause that I hold rather near to my heart. And since I can’t take them ALL home, supporting this charity is the next best thing.¬† I hope that many of my dog-loving friends will also help support this cause by joining in on the walk April 20th, or by sponsoring Pepper and I. pup2April is a beautiful time of year in North Carolina, so I am hoping that the weather will be agreeable. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my morning then walking my dog around downtown Raleigh on a beautiful spring morning.

If you want to join me on this walk, but don’t have a dog of your own, that’s okay because I’ve got an extra! Pepper’s sister Puddin’ would LOVE to join us, and would LOVE it even more if you walked her! Go register now and tag along!