Vendor Spotlight Post – Triple T Entertainment

The year of 2016 was a major year of growth for Get Christine. I joined societies, more than doubled my amount of bookings, brought on interns, and met a lot of new and talented event vendors. Meeting new vendors has been great for my business. I have had tons of opportunities to work with so many great new people this year, and for that I am extremely grateful. Now I also have a whole bunch of new vendors I can refer my brides to. Today I am covering a Photo Booth provider.

At a WeddingWire educational event earlier in the year, I met Bianca of Triple T Entertainment. If you follow my blog you may remember her from my Pamper Party back in July. I knew instantly as I met her that we would be working together for a long time. She had a great smile and was very friendly, and I immediately wanted to know more about her and her business.

Since she’s fairly new to the industry, I wanted to shine a light on her business. Please allow me to introduce to you, Bianca Taylor and her business partner Ben Sandefur of Triple T Entertainment:

Bianca and Ben show off their fun photo booth

Business Name: Triple T Entertainment

Vendor Name: Bianca Taylor & Ben Sandefur

Web Address:

Business Category: Photo booth

How long have you been in business?: 7 months

What got you started in this business?: Spending time in a photo booth at my nephew’s wedding in Charleston, SC and having the best time ever! I couldn’t stop thinking or talking about the wonderful time we had. The fun, smiles, and laughter was so amazing and we want to provide that same experience to others.

A Group of friends at a Halloween party cram into the shot of the Triple T Photo Booth.

A Group of friends at a Halloween party cram into the shot of the Triple T Photo Booth.

What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?: Although it has nothing to do with a photo booth, the best tip I can tell a couple planning their wedding is to hire a wedding planner. The stress of that day can be overwhelming and hiring a planner lets you enjoy the day instead of sweating all the small stuff. When my son got married last year, it went so smoothly because of the wedding planner. Top give a photo booth tip, hire a photo booth, even if it is just for an hour. The memories, fun, and laughter are priceless for both you and your guests. The budget seems to be the concern for most so it is one of the last items on the list, however, photo booths actually are one of the top highlights of most weddings!

What don’t couples know about your business category that they should know?: Most couples are looking for enclosed photo booths, however, in my opinion, an open air photo booth brings joy and laughter to ALL your guests, not just the ones in the photos. Guests love watching others taking their pics and most will then decide they want to join in the fun as well. Also, with our open air photo booth, we try to match the theme of your event so it blends in.

A newly married bride and groom have some fun in the Triple T Photo Booth.

Are there any questions your non-wedding clients should be asking that they don’t know to ask?: Since we cater to all clients, wedding and non-wedding, they all pretty much ask the same questions, however, they need to think about the length of time they want photo booth services as most booths are not utilized during the eating part of the event, If you are having a 4 hour event, yet an hour of it will be eating, ask the photo booth company if they have an idle hourly rate (most are much lower than the hourly rate) and you may get the photo booth cheaper than a full 4 hour request.

What’s the most unique/different wedding or event you ever did and why?: I cannot say just one was different because all of them are unique. Each wedding has been beautiful and unique, because each bride is beautiful and unique. They all bring their special twists.

Triple T Photo Booth customers having blast in the booth!

What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why?: They all have been memorable, because we have been in business seven months, I have been in awe with each one of them.

I hope you will consider using Triple T Entertainment for your next party, wedding, or other event. Bianca has an incredible positive energy that anyone would want to have running a photo booth at their event.

Bridal Pamper Party hosted by Christine

Wedding Season

It’s been a little quiet on the blog this month, because I’ve been busy with Fall Weddings! If you’ve followed me for a while, you’re probably aware of my obsession with the Fall. Like most women my age, I love all things Fall, the beautiful colors of the leaves, the smells, and the flavors. I was of course married in the Fall, and our one year anniversary is next Monday!

Anyways, this post isn’t about the Fall, or Fall weddings, sadly. I’m writing this post to tell you all about that Pamper Party I hosted back in July. It was a crazy fast Summer, but we had tons of fun at my Pamper Party.

The Idea – Pamper Party

With my Summer not being as fully booked with events as my Fall, I had some time to fill. I knew I wanted to host some kind of Summer event this year, but was too late to do anything for the 4th. In addition to having some free time I needed to fill, over the course of this past year I’ve met and worked with several vendors that I wanted to introduce to my brides. After getting a much needed mani/pedi with my friend, Lauren, I rolled a few ideas around. I decided to host a type of client appreciation event for my brides and their friends. In addition to asking my brides to come get pampered for the night, I hired a variety of vendors to provide some education, and of course entertainment for the event!

Local Vendors



Janice leading the floral workshop

To start the night out with something educational for my brides, I asked Janice the owner and operator of North Raleigh Florist & Cary Florist, to lead a floral workshop. Janice taught my attendees how to make their own wedding bouquets! Her 45 minute tutorial, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session for my attendees, was VERY well received. Overall, I believe it probably encouraged the ladies to reach out to a florist when I came time to make their own bouquets. Janice did a great job both teaching the ladies, as well as answering their questions. One of my brides did end up hiring Cary Florist for her April wedding next year, and I can’t wait to work with them!


Rodan + Fields Rep

In addition to learning about floral bouquets, my brides got to meet a very dear friend of mine named, Lauren. Lauren taught the ladies a little about skincare and walked them through a DIY facial with Rodan + Fields products. While I am personally not a sales person, I always encourage my friends, family, and clients to use products that I love. I absolutely love the way R+F products make my skin look and feel, so I wanted to share this with my brides and their friends too.


I love nothing more (besides Coordinating) then coming up with playlists of music. I’ve done it for office holiday parties, parties hosted at my place, CDs for car trips, and of course any other time I get the opportunity. For my Pamper Party though, I decided to do something a little different. Since one of the reasons I was hosting this event was to showcase local vendors that I love, I decided to hire live musicians to come in and provide musical entertainment to my guests.

Paul & Frank Performing

Paul & Frank Performing

When my family moved to Clayton, NC in 2006 they moved next door to some really nice people. They met pretty quick and become friends fast. When I came to stay with my parents during the Summer of 2006, I met those neighbors and also befriended them. Shortly after, I learned that one of those neighbors named Paul was a Jazz Guitarist. Being someone who LOVES Jazz music, I started following Paul on Facebook and attempted to get out to see him perform. While looking for someone to hire for this event, Paul reached out to me and expressed interest. He was able to help me book a pianist too, Frank, who with Paul’s help created beautiful music for my attendees. The live Jazz was a great touch!

Photo Booth


Photo Booth Setup

For entertainment, I wanted to provide more then just live music to my guests. I have done a lot of networking this year, which has helped me to meet tons of wonderful and talented local vendors. Some time this Spring, one of my favorite Raleigh Wedding Officiant’s, Randy Taylor, introduced me to another local vendor named Bianca. Bianca owns and operates Triple T Entertainment, a photo booth company. In addition to one of my brides booking with Janice from Cary Florist, but I also had one of my other brides book with Bianca of Triple T Entertainment.

Massage Therapists to Pamper

Finally, I hosted the Pamper Party to give back to my clients. My goals for this event were for my attendees to learn something, network with brides and vendors, eat some snacks and sip on some summery beverages, enjoy live music, and just relax. To provide total relaxation to all my guests in attendance I hired two very good friends of mine that also happen to be massage therapists. They brought their chairs for chair massages, and one of them was even able to provide cards with future discounts for my guests.

Caprese Sliders

Next Pamper Party?

If time permits, I will more than likely be hosting another one of these events again in the Spring. If I do, what type of vendors would you like to see there? Would you want to participate in a more hands on floral workshop or try something different? Please let me know in the comments section below. Or, if you are a local vendor who would like to participate in upcoming Get Christine Pamper Parties, please send me a message!

All images featured in this post taken by Ryan Steffes of Mister Guy Photography.