Unique Wedding Details

More and more these days we are seeing bigger and much more extravagant weddings! The average cost of a wedding these days starts around $25,000 and ranges upward from there.


Photo Credit: Sarah Kathleen

Of course there are ways to budget and save, but it isn’t easy with the amount of details that brides have been using lately.

One of the trends that we will be seeing in weddings this year, that I’ve not really covered much, is adding elegance to an outdoor rustic setting. Brides are picking more outdoor venues such as farms and barns and adding touches like crystal chandeliers and glassware as well. It really creates a unique look adding elegance to the outdoors and makes a fairly formal wedding feel more relaxed but still beautiful.

Photo-booths have become very popular with these types of elegant yet laid back weddings and are a main attraction for many of the guests. This is a fun way to get your friends and family to really start relaxing and enjoy themselves, as well as allowing them to leave you with an adorable (or hilarious) image of themselves having a blast at your wedding. These are great when it comes time to send out thank you cards later. You can really personalize your thank you note by sending a 4×6 image from the photo booth of you and the person you are thanking. (or just the wedding if you didn’t get one in the booth together)

Unique details are also popping up rather quickly and I love what some of the brides are coming up with to use in their weddings!


Superhero Wedding

There is an image floating around Pinterest of guys in a wedding party with button-down shirts, being held open by the bridesmaids, exposing a Super Hero shirt underneath. I think that is such a fabulous idea and a great way to incorporate a very unique detail into your wedding. If you want to do something different and fun but think this might just be a little too over the top for you, consider having the groomsmen wear bow ties. It brings a lot of fun to the sophisticated look and there are tons of fun patterns out there to pick from!


KPW Bow ties

You can save money by avoiding big department stores, and buying these types of custom-made items from local merchants. Kyle Patrick from New Hampshire, makes handmade bow ties with a few different materials and in a several different designs. My favorite of the bow ties is this Green Seersucker one, I can definitely imagine a Southern Spring wedding with the groomsmen sporting these!

What unique details would you want to use in your wedding? Would you go daring and try to top these fun little details? Or do you prefer to have a more traditional and conservative wedding? Please leave feedback because I would love to hear!

Picking Your Colors

When deciding on what colors to use in your wedding there are many factors you will want to consider.  If you are planning on having a visually pleasant wedding, which I am sure you are, you shouldn’t just pick colors at random. Put a little thought into it and you may be surprised by how beautiful the results are.

  • Figure out what colors flatter you and your significant other the most. This is YOUR day and you are going to be the most beautiful person there, so you should obviously pick colors that look good on you and around you.
  • Pick colors that look good with your venue. You don’t want to pick colors that are going to clash with your ceremony or reception site and be an eyesore later on in pictures.
  • If it’s an outdoor wedding match the colors to the season with the types of flowers, plants and trees that are in bloom during that season.
  • Consider your floral arrangements. To save money on flowers you’ll to want to choose ones that are in season of course. If you pick uncommon colors you may have a hard time finding the right flowers.
  • Consider what will look good on your wedding party. While this is YOUR big day, you still want the people surrounding you in photos to look good! Be kind to your bridesmaids, they will thank you for it later.
  • Use paint swatches to help you! Go to your local hardware store and snag as many variations of the colors you think you want. This will help you later on when you’re trying to find stores that carry your colors. It can also be helpful to your wedding party to give them the swatches of the colors you chose.

All in all, picking your colors should be fun and not stressful! If you are having a really hard time deciding, ask for help from your MOH. She should be more than willing to assist 😉