My Fabulous Fall Wedding

I know it’s been quiet on the blog for a bit, but I promise I am back. 2015 was a whirlwind for me between working full-time as an office manager, coordinating weddings of my own, second shooting weddings with my awesome Raleigh photographer husband, and hosting my own ridiculously big wedding, the whole year went by in a flash.

I should begin this post by letting some of my newer readers know that Ryan (my husband) and I were engaged for three and a half years before getting married. While I certainly recommend starting your wedding planning at least one year in advance, because it makes securing vendors and venues easier, I will never suggest this long of an engagement to anyone. It gave me way too much time to think, and stress, and plan, and stress, and invite people, and oh did I say stress?

Despite the years of planning and stress, I managed to put together what I like to think of as THE Wedding of the year.  Ryan and I carefully selected some of the best Triangle area wedding vendors and it absolutely shows in the images and my memory of our wedding day. Everything was perfect. Continue reading

Vendor responses – How long should I wait?

It’s been an incredibly long time since I contributed to the blog and for that I am very sorry. I’ve been spending my time working with a few new brides, as well as finally planning my wedding so I have a ton to talk about! I am nine months out from my wedding at this point so the planning process has really begun. Since I started contacting vendors for myself, I’ve been experiencing first hand what brides go through in their process of interviewing and hiring vendors. I’ve obviously played the phone/email tag game with vendors in the past while working events, but I had no idea how much emotion I could possibly invest when it came to hearing back from vendors while planning my wedding.

The most important vendors to look for and book at the beginning of the wedding planning process are the photographer, the ceremony and reception venue, the caterer (if it isn’t included with the venue), the florist, and a wedding coordinator (if you’re hiring one, AND YOU SHOULD!). Researching, interviewing, and booking vendors early is beneficial for multiple reasons, but what happens if the vendor stops responding? How long should you wait for a response before you say something nasty or eventually move on to a find another vendor? Continue reading

Farm 2 Your Table

I am going to use this post to plug for some friends of mine, but I promise you that you will be happy I did.

Chef Blake & Chef Megan run a small catering company in Raleigh called Farm 2 Your Table. They use all natural ingredients from local organic produce and I can honestly tell you it shows in how good their food is. I’ve tried a lot of their stuff and everything I’ve had has been absolutely delicious. They serve all kinds of goodies from breads, cookies and truffles, to fresh mozzarella, southern succotash and mini crab cakes. I won’t go into too much detail about what all their services are, because you should check out their site which I’ve linked to above or their Facebook page (which has more pics of their delicious goodies).

Don’t just take my word for how good their food is though. If you have Saturday mornings off from work and are looking for something to do you can find a Farm 2 Your Table booth down at the Saturday Market located near the Boylan St. bridge. Visit their Facebook page  for more details, directions, etc.

The Saturday Market is a great place for local baked goods, fresh produce, and I think there’s even a BBQ Truck down there.