Weekends are for Wedding Activities

It’s been a crazy busy Summer, but I am back to tell you all about the fun weddings I’ve been shooting with my fiancé, the fabulous bridal shows I’ve been attending and participating in, and the lovely weddings I’ve been planning (one of which is mine!). I do all of these things on the weekends, in my “free time”.

Shooting Weddings

Over Labor Day Weekend my fiancé, Ryan and I shot an incredibly gorgeous wedding in Durham, NC. The Ceremony took place in the breathtakingly beautiful Immaculate Conception Church and as usual, I was moved to tears watching it. After the ceremony we took a quick stop by the Sarah P. Duke Gardens for some family portraits and shots of the newly married couple. It was a pretty warm day but luckily for us there was just enough of a small breeze to keep us sane.


Cynthia and Antonio in Sarah P. Duke Gardens


This coming weekend, Ryan and I are shooting another wedding at Elodie Farms in Rougemont, NC. I am beyond excited to help shoot a wedding that’s a little more rustic themed with a farm venue.

Bridal Shows

Back in July I dragged my Mom and Maid of Honor to the Brides Against Breast Cancer Original Nationwide Tour of Gowns at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club and had an amazing time! The Inn was the most beautiful venue and a perfect setting for a Sunday afternoon with my Mother and Best girl friend. Once inside we entered a large ballroom and were greeted by a room full of vendors and wedding gowns. At check in the brides were given a list of the vendors and were encouraged to stop by every booth. Checking in with vendors and giving them contact information placed brides into drawings for various gifts and prizes.  I was hesitant to handout my email address to so many vendors at once for fear of an overflowing inbox, and because I so rarely win drawings and raffles, but I did end up winning at least one fun gift and met some really great vendors that I hope to work with in the future.

Get-Christine Event Planning Bridal Show Booth

Get-Christine Event Planning Bridal Show Booth

On Sunday September, 14th I participated in the Elegantly Yours Bridal Show at the Southern Star Ballroom Center in Raleigh, NC. It was a fast but fun experience and I am very much looking forward to my next bridal show with Elegantly Yours and the ladies of Lynn & Nicole who hosted the event. I met a bunch of great local vendors and tasted some delicious samples. I also had the wonderful experience of experiencing the beautiful space that is the Southern Star Ballroom Center. This lovely venue can host weddings and events as well as private and group dance and fitness activities. I am thinking about taking some dance classes here in the near future to get some practice before my big day! Hopefully I can get my fiance on board to join.

OH! And, speaking of dance classes… at the end of the bridal show the featured DJ cranked up the tunes and let the vendors get a little wild to wind down the night. It was a lot of fun watching the vendors get to enjoy themselves for a change.

Bridal Show Vendors Getting Down

Bridal Show Vendors Getting Down

Wedding Planning

I’ve been working with this adorable and hilarious couple that is planning a movie themed wedding. And as an added bonus, my Photographer fiancé is shooting their wedding. Needless to say I’ve spent a lot of time working with these two and I’m loving every minute of it. During one of my crazy jam packed weekend of wedding duties, I went to a cake tasting with these two and the experience was both memorable and delicious!  We got to try both chocolate and vanilla cakes with a whole variety of different potential fillings and frostings. Chef Megan Campbell of I Do Wedding Cakes hosted us and as her desserts always are, the cakes were moist and flavorful. Cody and Danielle were so overwhelmed by how delicious all the flavor options were that they had a hard time deciding on just what combinations to use!

Cake Tasting

Cake Tasting

In addition to fabulous cake tastings, I’ve also recently had the absolute pleasure of assisting my fiancé with this fun loving couple’s engagement shoot. Because they are planning a movie themed wedding we decided to take them down to the Raleigh Little Theater and Rose Garden, to get a little mix of romance and stage time. We had a great time goofing off and taking pictures in the garden and ended up with some really nice shots of Cody and Danielle. I am really looking forward to working for this couple on their wedding day. They are incredibly laid back and genuinely enjoy being around one another. They laugh and smile and make being around them purely delightful. Danielle is going to be a beautiful bride and I can tell because I can see the love she has for Cody all over her face.

Cody & Danielle

Cody & Danielle


Wedding gown crowding up your closet?

When the Wedding is over what should you do with your Wedding gown? Sell it? Preserve it? Donate it? How much did you originally spend on your gown? Was it a hand-me-down? Did you buy one that was already previously worn?

Depending on what your dress is worth will help you decide what to do with it after. One different idea that a lot of brides tend to over look, but could be really exciting would be a Trash the Dress photo shoot. If you haven’t heard of these, they are fun and spontaneous photo shoots where Brides often times literally trash their dresses. Some brides may not want to completely destroy their dress and elect to do something a little more simple and silly whereas other brides may go traipsing through mud puddles and jump into rivers. Either way, it’s something fun and different a bride can do while photographing the memory at the same time.

If you want to sell your dress after the wedding, there are many different ways to do so. With the wonderful world of technology easily at our fingertips, we have so many websites to choose from and here are just a few:

  • Craigslist – This is a quick easy way to put your dress online and get responses right away. You might not get the best price, but you can at least make deals with people and get it taken off your hands immediately.
  • Ebay- Using ebay can help you to get closer to the price you are looking for.
  • Sites that specialize in selling dresses-

Why not donate your dress after the wedding? Brides Against Breast Cancer is a great non-profit organization that sells donated wedding dresses and donates the profits to programs for cancer patients and their families.  This wonderful fund raising event will be coming to Raleigh, North Carolina September 21st – 23rd, and is also a great place to purchase your dress! I am definitely planning on checking it out!