Farm 2 Your Table

I am going to use this post to plug for some friends of mine, but I promise you that you will be happy I did.

Chef Blake & Chef Megan run a small catering company in Raleigh called Farm 2 Your Table. They use all natural ingredients from local organic produce and I can honestly tell you it shows in how good their food is. I’ve tried a lot of their stuff and everything I’ve had has been absolutely delicious. They serve all kinds of goodies from breads, cookies and truffles, to fresh mozzarella, southern succotash and mini crab cakes. I won’t go into too much detail about what all their services are, because you should check out their site which I’ve linked to above or their¬†Facebook page (which has more pics of their delicious goodies).

Don’t just take my word for how good their food is though. If you have Saturday mornings off from work and are looking for something to do you can find a Farm 2 Your Table booth down at the Saturday Market located near the Boylan St. bridge. Visit their Facebook page¬† for more details, directions, etc.

The Saturday Market is a great place for local baked goods, fresh produce, and I think there’s even a BBQ Truck down there.