Meet Christine & Her Team

Who is Christine?

Christine – Image by Kate Pope Photography

My name is Christine, and I love all things events and parties. I was raised by parents that really emphasized birthdays by throwing parties for each one of the four kids in my family every year. Parties ranged from pizza and ice cream cake catered bowling nights, to Disney themed streamers and balloons house parties. In addition to the birthday parties, my Italian family has always loved going above and beyond for the Holidays, especially in regards to the food. Over the years, I quickly learned that a successful event thrown by our family was one that had TONS of food.  My family inspired love of food spilled over into my own wedding. We decided on multiple dessert stations including a cake and cupcake table, a cider station with a candy bar, and a fall themed pie table with a groom’s cake.

My love of planning and coordinating events was heavily influenced by being brought up in a large family that routinely came together over LOTS of food, music, and great conversation.  As an event planner, I like to bring a sense of fun, family, food, trends and creativity into every event I plan.
In addition to my love of parties, I have previously worked as an administrative assistant and office manager which gave me experience in planning corporate events, holiday parties, team building events, and office outings. Over the years of being an administrative assistant I learned how to be organized and on top of a timeline in just about any situation. I learned how to adapt in the face of adversity and think quickly on my feet. And above anything else, I learned how to provide excellent customer service!

  • I am down to earth, fun-loving, and creative with a type-A personality and a little bit of OCD.
  • I have a tenacious work ethic and I live to provide the best possible service I can and to take on any task thrown at me.
  • I am extremely competitive and strive to be the best in everything I do.
  • I love everything about planning weddings and events from the beginning stages to full execution. I even tend to cry at most ceremonies even though I’ve seen so many.
  • I believe that if you are putting your customer first, solving any problems that may arise for them, and genuinely care about making them happy everything else will fall into place.
  • I am on the Board of Directors for the International Live Events Association Raleigh Durham Chapter.

 The Get Christine Intern, Lauren

Lauren – Image by Mister Guy Photography

In June of 2016, I met Lauren. Lauren recently graduated from a local Christian high school in Raleigh. In order to pursue a future career in something she is passionate about, and decide between two things, she reached out to a few local event planners and offered her services as an intern. Long story short, Lauren found me and I instantly felt a connection to her and knew she’d make a great addition to the team. If you follow my site, you likely read about her when I introduced her on my blog. She’s a very dedicated and talented young woman, and I love having her positive attitude and energy around me.

  • Lauren loves all things weddings, especially flowers.
  • She has a passion for creativity and DIY projects.
  • She has a great eye for design and is very artistic.
  • Similarly to Christine, she has some OCD tendencies 🙂 .
  • Her upbeat positive attitude gives her the ability to see potential and positivity in anything.

The cutest member of the team, my husband Ryan

The Hubby - Ryan

The Hubby – Ryan

If you follow my blog you know that in addition to working with Lauren, I have collaborated with my husband, Ryan Steffes of Mister Guy Photography on both photographing portraits and events, as well as recruiting him to help me with coordination. Ryan has pushed me to become a better photographer and I am continually pushing him to become more extroverted and artsy. We are partners in everything including our businesses, and I couldn’t be happier to have Ryan on my team.

  • Ryan loves weddings, and loves being part of making memories
  • He is NOT the most organized member of the team, but he’s a born problem solver!
  • He is a true southern boy, and loves Carolina basketball almost as much as he loves his momma
  • He is a get it done kind of guy, and helps make peace out of chaos on a wedding day
  • He sees problems as opportunities for us to save the day, because nothing is better than being a “big dang hero.”

What We Do

A major part of what my team offers, in addition to our top notch planning and coordination services, is our friendship. We make it our job to genuinely care about your sanity and take your overall well-being into mind when guiding you through your planning process. We want to make sure you are both happy and relaxed on your big day and to do that we have to be on your team. I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a coordinator that you get along with. If you are going to spend almost your entire wedding day with a hired vendor, you should definitely get along with them and be happy to have them around.

Image by Marissa DeMarco Photography